Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Hoping to get off Norfolk tonight

The schedule as last checked has us leaving here at 00:50 tomorrow, Thursday, which will get us to Auckland at about 4AM their time.
I'm supposed to be joining SOREN LARSEN at 10AM, and have to drop a lot of baggage at the YHA Hostel, so I won't get much sleep.
OTOH, I've been getting a lot of sleep lately.
We only put up two antennas, so we've been limited in our operating hours; but if this rain continues, I'll have to take them down in the rain and dark.
But if the weather continues as it is right now, I have my doubts about getting away tonight, also.

We've been sharing my station, including the computer so it's been hard to write much.

We're starting to operate now.

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