Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

leftover time at AKL

It looks as if I have leftover connect time here from one of my previous stints in this airport.

I decided to come out here a bit early, after a nice dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant at the NZ Maritime Museum, so was lucky enough to catch an almost on-schedule bus, and find that there was enough disturbance in the CBD so that following buses were likely to be late or canceled.
And then Singapore Airlines wanted to see the credit card with which I'd booked the flight back in September. Which I don't have with me.
So we went to the airline offices, and I was set up with an internet connection, so I could find the cc account details including the transaction with the airline. It all worked, and in compensation for the hassle, I now have an exit row seat, with no one next to me.

I took a good look at the international departure area here at AKL, and found that I was correct- if you follow the signs, they route you in a big loop through the duty-free shops. If you ignore the signs and look well ahead and to the side, you can easily avoid the shops and save several hundred feet of walking. This is the same airport where we had to go through security screening twice on a connection from Melbourne to LAX, apparently so they could route us through those shops. Feh.

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