Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

still in Palawan

First off we were supposed to have left for the island two days ago,
and it's not clear we'll be traveling to Pag-Asa tomorrow, either.
But, this place, a fairly isolated resort hotel, is fully booked from
tomorrow, so we have to go SOMEWHERE. It's also a bit expensive,
which was no problem for one night, but tonight makes it four (and the
extensions were charged at the full rate, not the discount).

Many arrangements that were made seem to have failed. We've finally
got almost all of the equipment here, but it's not clear that the
transportation issues have been settled.

We're all bored, except the few people who can work on the
bureaucratic problems. And there are rumblings of people leaving. I
think if any one person had actually left, or made a solid decision to
go, we'd be reduced to half our group. And that may happen tomorrow.

I'm bored too, but accept that this is part of the process. I just
hope that further problems don't arise (weather is one possibility).
Our personnel are flying, but the gear is going by slow boat, to and
island with no harbor.

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