Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

A month since dparture

4 May 2011 10:30 Ships time
We left San Juan just 4 weeks ago, took a week getting to Bermuda because of uncooperative winds, spent one day there, LJ and FB email posting failed, and npow we've been at sea for three weeks. Today is "ships Sunday", so we have no work party, we dog the watches (I'll stand a 12-4 and then a 8-12 this evening), and we change time zones. The boat is now an hour off GMT and 2 hours off the UK.

We're sailing with just the fore course and topsail, with the staysails and jib. The captain says "if you don't break at least two spars in a season, you're not sailing enough"- by that standard, we've sailed enough for the entire season. Unfortunately, the two spars were the main yard and the main topgallant, so, since the topsail and royal sheet to those yards, we can't set any squares on the main stack. Repairs are underway, and we're sailing nicely, in fact. The spanker sail is being repaired, too. But 25 foot seas mean just walking is a chore and everything else is more difficult. The coffee maker took a dive and is dead, but we've got the old urn, and if you cause it to cycle twice, and not let the coffee cook for an entire watch or two, it's useable.

We did have some big seas, and winds, and even reefed the fore topsail once.

We expect to make land in a couple of weeks, and we'll all be pleased, but will be busy cleaning and painting for our audience. I'll be off the boat between Plymouth and Cowes for the Arthur Ransome Society AGM, where I'll be giving a presentation about my "Peter Duck" experiences.

we're at about 40 deg 25' N 020 deg 36'W currently. We've been navigating by traditional methods (dead reckoning and celestial), so it's not just a matter of looking at a device.

A reminder- I won't see your comments and messages until after landfall. A couple of people know how to get in touch, though.

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