Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

28 June 1800 local , on BOUNTY, rounding the north end of Scotland, 7.8 knots un

Cork- on Sunday evening we had a music session on the 'tween deck. Much fun.
We left on Monday morning and were anchored at Bangor in the approach to Belfast by Wednesday night.

I did an emergency repair to the navigation system display on Thursday morning, and we went up the river. The captain showed off to the spectators, including the crew of PELICAN OF LONDON by doing a 180 in the river and then sliding perfectly into our berth, using the engines, forestaysail and spanker. These last we set and struck in almost silence and in seconds.

We had many thousands through the boat- interesting comment from the organizers (paraphrased) "This was great success, and shows that local people are no longer afraid to gather in large crowds." What does that say about the way it's been here in the past? I unfortunately had a bad cold and was pretty miserable. But I did finish the task, started in Plymouth, of tying together ALL of our electronic nav gear, so data is passed among all the elements. It's been an education for me. I have another task in the set, repairing the depth sounder, but I've already done a job on the INMARSAT transceiver. My GMDSS operator/maintainer license (with radar endorsement) is a great credential- they're rare.

We left Belfast on Sunday evening, and sailed off the dock, beautifully, showing off again. We have a long passage to Gdansk, and the immediate winds were light, so it was a motorboat ride until last night. We went up the Minch, between Skye and Lewis, between Stornoway and Ullapool, with the beautiful coast on our starboard, and some great sunny weather, with the wind and sea at our stern.

I'm on the 8-12, the most disliked of the watch times, but it was mitigated by the fact that with dusk at 2330, we really had no night watch.

We're at 58D 40'N, 004D 22'N, headed east, and all of us wish we could stop for a while, but we are trying to get to Gdansk by the 7th, and it's a long way.

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