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catchup mid-July, on the train to Ipswich

Gdansk was great- we all liked the place, a couple of people, too much.
A short trip to Stockholm through the archipelago (too much fun navigating) and then I got one day off in which I bought a couple of 3 pole 25A, 380V toggle switches with the help of a tallship fan who was on the quay when we arrived, saw the Vasa and Nobel museums and had a good Swedish fish dinner. Then a day of tours, with several thousand people through the boat. Packed, got up in the small hours (bright daylight, though), flew to London City Airport, taxi to Liverpool Street station, picked up a magazine for the captain, a cafe mocha for me, and got on the 10:00 train to Ipswich, which has wifi. I should arrive at 11:07, then to the Royal Harwich Yacht Club for the Nancy Blackett Trust AGM, overnight on NANCY, and set sail for Flushing. We do mean to go to sea!

In Gdansk I saw SHTANDART as a complete boat- I have photos of her under construction in St. Petersburg in 1996 (and her captain 15 years younger). Unfortunately, his information indicates it's unlikely we'll get to St Petersburg on BOUNTY. We're still hoping, but also are investigating other possibilities, including bringing BOUNTY to Ipswich, but NOTHING is decided, or even near decision, yet.

I've decided to let my beard grow until we return home, after shaving for my BST.

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