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Two fun shows

THe antenna work went well on Thursday, so I decided to go to a show in SF I'd stumbled across
while looking for something else. It was called "The Satan Show" and the premise was that Satan had been hired to throw a birthday roast for Jesus. I have friends who are funnier then these people, but it was still fun. The "band" was very excited or high, so that was amusing. The jokes were mostly old or obvious, although Thor was in very good form. All in all, it was fun. They only did it two nights, so....

And the other was "Aga Boom", a clown show that was very funny, and then they started throwing paper and balloons into the audience. It was also a lot of fun, and a good way to end the year.
I'll be going to a small NYE party in Oakland, a short bus ride away. The other invitations are all a bit far.

It was pretty wet walking around, but that was OK too. "Walking in the Mission in the Rain".

I just need to remember all the good things in my life. I tend to focus on the parts that aren't as good, just because so much of my life is good.

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