Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

about to set out for home

We're in Weymouth, UK, about to set sail for home, possibly via Madeira, probably by St Thomas and on the San Juan.  We're provisioned for 6 weeks, and have picked up four more "old guys" to round out the crew.  As usual, I'm not getting enough time here, since I couldn't free up a whole day to go to Guernsey on the wicked-looking fast ferry  to see GU0SUP, but a surprise (to both of us) appearance of Jenny Wedick of the NBT (and extreme knitter, of caps for Mush, including a BOUNTY cap) and her family (lunch included) made up for the disappointment).

I'm going to pick up a bag of apples, get rid of some dead batteries, have a good dinner at Floods, and I'll be 100% ready to go.
The next post should be from underway.

Wish us fair winds, please.

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