Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Headed SW under sail

10:32Z 10 Oct 45:15N 010:31W
We're making about 3-4 knots under sail, getting some west before we turn due south. I's a "ships Sunday" today, so no work party, and we dog the watches. I'll be on the 12 to 4 for about the next week.
However, work on the foretop yard is proceeding- only about 4 feet broke off the end, but it still requires the same techniques and work as if it had broken in the middle. We are splicing it together using wood and epoxy. Fishing the yard was considered, but the permanent fix was chosen.

I'm getting updated Keps for my satellite tracking program, so we can look for satellites, and know what we're seeing.

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