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Good person

I'm feeling pretty good about myself, even if not being a happy person. I'm trying to look at what's good, not the opposite.

I'm keeping my NY resolutions pretty well, with "brushing my teeth twice a day"
being the worst. OTOH, swimming at least once a week has had a minimal test.
And LJ is making staying away from the computer somewhat more difficult.

I'm decluttering slowly, and irregularly, but am making progress.

I want to see "The Last Five Years" last night in SF. The play was a musical about a couple breaking up after 5 years, with her story being told end to beginning and his the other way. It actually worked fairly well, and had a few pieces of real insight. The opening number, "Still Hurting" (hers) resonated. Unfortunately, the performers weren't that good- she was adequate, and he just couldn't carry it. I'd seen them before in "Bat Boy- the Musical" (Weekly World News, not baseball), and felt the same way then.

As usual, serendipity was at work, also. In the "lobby" there was an "Improv Singing Contest" which we got to watch a bit of before and after, and that was a lot of fun. It's apparently a regular monthly thing, and there was a $100. prize this time, with a $1000. prize in March, and free jams on every Thursday night.

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