Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

great mid-Atlantic Fun Run, plus pay raise

1512Z 2 November 22:08'N 030:36W
You're all invited to participate in the BOUNTY fun run this Friday! Matt Newton has organized this- 36 times around a marked course on the weather deck makes for a nautical mile run. There'll be watering stations along the way, so people who staff them will also get certificates of participation. This is marking one of many definitions of "half-way" on our way home.

In other news, Cliff and I, as the "old guy" deckhands have been given a pay raise of 50% above our existing rate, for our valuable services in our specialities.

We're far enough out so email is a bit restricted right now, but we are getting the traffic in and out, usually in less than 13 hours.

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