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We Are All Works of Art

I was planning on spending today in a radio contest, called RTTY Roundup, but after a few good hours, I just couldn't face being in front of the radio and computer any longer. Last year, I actually won this contest in my class for the 6th call area, which happens to be only the state of California.

So, I went to a play that serendipitously is running at the Berkeley City Club, an easy mile walk from here.
It is "Walking The Dead", and is essentially about identity, particularly sexual, but in a very strong way.

I HIGHLY recommend this show, which is being performed on Thursday through Saturdays, 8PM, and Sunday at 2PM until the 29th of January.

It's unconventionally structured, with some confusion in my mind about who was audience and who was actors, and was a play of an art performance of a memorial. And there's violence. There's also love and sacrifice and stupidity. Just like real life.

For further information, look at http:\\

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