Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

getting close, getting short

1800Z 16 nov 18:48.5'N 058:40.5W West at 4.5 knots

The indefinite plans have changed (and may change again). Currently, it looks as if we'll be at Virgin Gorda for a couple of days.
About a third of the crew is leaving from St Thomas, and at least one optimist has a ticket before our current ETA there.

I have a LONG list of parts I need to do the work items I'd like to get done before I leave, but some of that may not happen. A couple of them need to be done before CG inspection, too. I fixed one of the AC units this afternoon, by robbing parts from the non-functional unit in my cabin block.

The one thing I miss most is quiet- the generator is running most of the time, and with the rolling we're doing, the 'tweens is particularly creaky. But we have much less (but not none) spontaneous breaking into bad pop songs (the most egregious offender left in Weymouth), and with three of us living on 'tweens, even the loud conversations there have been reduced. But there are a few motor-mouths on board, who seem to talk incessantly. Dr Who, Discworld, and whatever movies are in rotation on the boat MUST be rehashed infinitum, as well. And, there are times during work party when we must ALL listen to someone's music choices- no earphones for them. And Mitch keeps practicing his violin- I respect him for the effort he's putting into it.
Aft Crew is a quiet area (but not really quiet, since it's next to the engine room, with engines, generators, bilge pumps and watermakers going (these last two actually on the bulkhead to AC)).

Bow watch is the quietest place on the boat, but you only get that a couple of hours a day, and that's not really quiet, either, but ther you get sea and wind sounds, with a minor background of generator.

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