Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Sailing into the sunset

2200Z 18 Nov 18:43'N 063:39'W WxS at 4 knots under sail
I had the helm as we sailed into a beautiful sunset, possibly our last sunset on this trip, certainly the last with the generator off.

We had our last night watch with John, the B watch mate (since we have 4 mates for the crossing they rotate). Tonight, because of the sunset and the quiet sail, we had both A and B watches on deck, all 4 mates, the bosun and the captain. 4 of the 5 deckhands in B watch are leaving in the next few days, so the group that's been working together, night and day since April, will be finally broken up.

We spotted Somberero Island Light a bit earlier, from aloft, so land has been officially sighted. We'll do a demonstration sail past Necker Island tomorrow a bit after sunrise, and then anchor at Virgin Gorda to see what comes next.

We did an RFI assessment this afternoon, and found a few sources of electrical noise affecting our weak signal radio reception. Now to figure out what to do about that.

I have a few projects to do in the yard, so I'll not be leaving the boat until the first week in December, but I am going to rest and relax a bit, too. It's been a long trip.

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