Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

Leave her Johny, leave her

Anchored out on the waterfront of Charlotte Amalie, for Thanksgiving.
I have a airline ticket home for the 30th, arriving SFO at 22:30.  Farber please note.
I don't want to leave, but I just can't stay on until 14 December, which is the projected date of arrival in San Juan.
B and C watches have one deckhand each left (and we're both leaving on the 30th), and one of A watch is leaving soon.

The yard "scheduling" sucks-  I'd rather be at sea, sailing, than this.  Anchored out is a pain since the boat only runs to shore about every 4 hours.  And that's stressful and wet.
At least we're going to go to the shop tomorrow and just get the parts that are high priority- no waiting for the best deal and shipping.

I took the duty today, so will stay on the boat and keep everything in order.

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