Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

It's a good day

I picked up some pot pies from the farmers market (not my mostest favorite, but shrimp creole is probably second), rode my bike around, got a data plan for my 'phone and found that it really can support my PC via wifi, got power tool batteries, completed a FEMA emergency service course, and listened to some great radio-  I also have more of my plan sorted for June- I'll fly in and out of New York.  Since I'll probably be getting off BOUNTY in Long Island and coming back to Philadelphia, that makes sense, and gives a lot of flexibility, since the boat plans are notoriously written in water.

I've still got a lot of the June excursion details to write in ink, though.

Tuesday is ACT, and maybe sand dabs.
On Wednesday and Thursday I'll be getting together with my neighbors for emergency response training for the block.

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