Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

A coconut, repost

I was listening to the R4 Extra version of "Coconut Chaos" by Diana Souhami at 05:30 in a van on the road from San Diego to San Pedro with 7 other sailors, and was vastly amused by the fact that it was that same coconut was the reason I was in that situation.

Her premise is that the BOUNTY mutiny was triggered by a coconut that Fletcher Christian drank and therefore was reprimanded by Bligh.
That episode lead to the building of the ship I sail on to make the movie in 1960 and that lead me to qualify for and Able Seaman (Sail) rating, which lead me to be taking the Lifeboatman course. That course required a trip to LANE VICTORY in San Pedro for the practical assessments, although the classroom parts are in San Diego.

I was reminded that I want to post here, for people who aren't on FB.  Apologies for the type face, I can't get it to do better.

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