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When last heard from, I was on my way from San Juan to St Augustine on BOUNTY.

Since then a LOT has happened and I'll be catching up  in the month I have off the boat, traveling in Europe.
I'm in the Lufthansa lounge at JFK looking forward to a flight to Manchester (via Frankfurt and Dusseldorf).

We had a new crew, most with no experience on BOUNTY, and were a bit short-handed.  The crew has shaken down well, with some shakeout as soon as we arrived in St Augustine.  That did mean I was made AB of A watch, which meant even more work.

I got to spend more time with my niece and nephew who came to St Augustine to visit the boat- I think I got my "cool uncle"  credentials validated there.

Savannah was good, with a lot of tall ships there, including EAGLE and PICTON CASTLE.  More on the latter connection later.
I had a couple of visitors there, which was fun.

And Charleston was amazing, personally, about which I'll write later.

We did very well in Wilmington, and enjoyed the place, but had to leave in a rush to make it up to Greenport on time for another stop in the tallships festival circuit.  We all like the town and the company (UNICORN, the all-woman-crewed ship was ahead of us on the dock and PICTON CASTLE was across from us.)

But I'm off to the Arthur Ransome Society AGM, some custom motorcycle boots from Altberg, and visits to TRINCOMALEE and Barter Books, if all goes well.  And that's just the UK in the first part of the trip.

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