Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

The Arthur Ransome Society, Pitcairn Island and PICTON CASTLE

This is the PICTON CASTLE anecdote mentioned earlier.

In 2003, I went to Ducie Island, the eastern-most of the Pitcairn group, as part of the VP6DIA DXpedition.
We stopped at Pitcairn (I stayed overnight on that island on the way back) to pick up a half-dozen Pitcairner's for support and so they could visit the island which is too far for them to reach in their longboats.  One of them was David Brown,  the teenage son of VP6DB.
While there, I flew my TARS burgee over my camp, and David liked it, so I gave it to him, stretching the rules a bit (I did get the gift approved later).

A few weeks back I was on BOUNTY in Savannah with, among other ships, PICTON CASTLE.  I had heard that David had joined her, and since the 2nd mate was an old shipmate from BOUNTY in 2009, I decided to ask about him.
I found that he is the engineer now and on locating him, also found that he still is carrying the TARS burgee with him.  He's got a photo of us together with our burgees.  Pitcairn to Savannah, 2003 to 2012, that's not a bad connection.

Here's a photo of the TARS burgee that's been flying on a backstay on BOUNTY for more than a year and many thousand miles.  It's a bit raveled, but still flying bravely.  It was taken in Greenport- unfortunately, PICTON CASTLE was berthed on the other side of us there.

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