Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

flexible, and books

This is definitely the trip to be flexible.  Plans have changed again.
I'll be going to Giffords Circus, Newbury, UK instead of TRINCOMALEE, Barter Books and Altberg boots.

And then SHTANDART is going to Aalborg, Denmark instead of Kiel, Germany.  This makes very little difference in my plans, actually.

We visited Lowick Hall, one of Ransome's houses.  The current owner in an antiquarian book dealer, and the decor is books, where possible, as well as wallpaper and paintings of books where actual books aren't possible (also tins and cushions that look like books).  The host even had a "book" tie.  I felt right at home, if a bit envious.

I'm now a board member of the Arthur Ransome Society, so I'll probably be back in this area in early October, at which time I can do the three visits mentioned above that 'm not doing next week.

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