Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

The circus, and Charleston

I'm hanging out at Maisie's mother's place near Marlborough, having a restful morning after a stressful day.  The circus, ,  moved from Newbury to Sunningwell, which should have been easy, but there were a couple of major breakdowns of the tow tractors and lots of little things, like blowouts and a vehicle in a ditch (with two trailers).
The kitchen got to Sunningwell first, but much of the support infrastructure was late.
So we got here very late for a good fish dinner, cooked by cousin Allen (sp?).
We'll go back to Sunningwell this evening and I leave tomorrow for Szczecin and SHTANDART.  I now know where she'll be, which is satisfying.

But, back to Charleston-
When I was growing up we went to Charleston and Sullivan's Island a fair amount, but I didn't really know the place well.
So I was interested when Katherine (my niece) had a clipping about my parent's marriage there, including the address where she was living at the time.  It was easy to find and close to BOUNTY's location, and I found an old, tall duplex house with a similar one next to it, a folding-stock anchor embedded in the front wall and an entrance to a courtyard labeled "Pirates Courtyard" (and "please close gate").  That gate was open so I closed it behind me and took a couple of photos there and then closed the gate again as I left.

(Damn LJ, it's not uploading the images, and the pop-up box is blank, so I have no idea what's the problem).

Anyway, when I was talking about this while selling tickets to the ship, I was overheard by a woman named Molly who knew the houses and dropped off an envelope with more information about them.  They were built in 1704, with stone from Bermuda, and were later believed to be the haunts of pirates, so they are known as the "Pirate Houses".  St Phillips is just across the street and one of the St. Phillips cemeteries adjoins the property.

More later about Charleston.

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