Doug Faunt (n6tqs) wrote,
Doug Faunt

If this is Tuesday...., the SHTANDART edition

We left Szczecin on Sunday afternoon, stopped in Swinoujscie for a few minutes to pick up some giveaways (a pretty neat bicycle clip, in my case), overnight to Saznitz for half a day, now we're in Copenhagen for another 1/2 day.  We may stop in Helsingor, too.
Aalborg on Thursday.

I like the Danish cargo bikes (actually tricycles).

Things are a bit different on this Russian tallship.
Belaying is O-X-O- fairlead is ignored- no one else coils on deck (my coils look better than theirs), etc.
OTOH, the helm is easy. 
I wish I spoke the language.  Most of the small crew doesn't speak English.

Time to get out of this cafe.   There's a sand castle festival down near the boat, and I need to try to find the "Mermaid".
Tags: denmark

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