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Hurricanes, earthquakes, and gasoline

There was a magnitude 3+ earthquake at 04:25 this morning, about
a mile from here, which woke me up. Any evacuees from Louisiana
who felt it are probably a bit shook up.

I'm pretty well prepared, if the house stands. If it doesn't,
then, as things stand now, I'd have to get help, or dig through the
rubble. I'll work on that as soon as the house is a bit clearer of
P. moving out.

It's almost amusing that after all the uproar about people who didn't or
couldn't evacuate New Orleans for Katrina, the evacuation for Rita
has been a minor disaster, too. And gasoline is a major issue.
Evacuation from here after an earthquake, or getting help into here
would be a real problem.

73, doug

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