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"an engineer is a man who can do for five shillings what any fool can do for a pound."- Nevil Shute

But you have to convince them that the 5 shillings solution will work.
And when you're talking about lightning protection, it's fuzzy enough that you're just changng the probabilities, in any case.
We're still waitimg for some more opinions about #4 vs #1/0 wire.  The difference is about $1000, $1300 vs $2300.
I've got the basics down, it's just that one detail- I've even got parts specified for both cases.
Now the human factors come into it.

And a decison was made, while I was watching, but didn't know enough to catch the ramifications for the operating people,
that I now see was wrong- not spectacularly, but annoyingly.  I did not participate in the decison, because of my lack of knowledge
a the time, but....  And it turns out is against the National Electric Code, shoreside, but is apparently allowed on the boat.

But most of the time I'm able to see the right way, and cause that to happen.  I can talk to the craft people, and the designers, and bring my knowledge
and experience as a tall-ship sailor to the job.
There's little better in life than creating something that will enhance others lives, particularly the young ones.
I'm lucky enough to have done that before, and am doing it now.
I am SO LUCKY!!!
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OLIVER HAZARD PERRY mast stepping, and my life.

So, we're building a ship.  This article is a good one, with lots of photos from the mast stepping on Wednesday.  I was working with the rigging crew that day,

And the next day, I found a problem with the way our nav lights were wired (the drawings were wrong), and started the process of correcting it.  I really feel that I'm contributing, although up to now it's been mostly collecting information and passing it in useful directions.  I'm a tall-ship sailor with an engineering background and skills, so that's where I fit.
I looks as if I'm in it for the long run.  I'm living in Perry's last residence in Newport, which is also the OHPRI headquarters.  It'll be a while before we can move on to the boat, but I'm going to be looking at facilitating that.  In addition to being in charge of all fluids on the boat (including coffee, apparently), I also am the electrical wizard, so....
But I have to get home and get some wamer clothes, and some tools and equipment.  And I need to make a quick trip to the UK for my Arthur Ransome Society obligations.   I really want teleportation booths.

This is the second weekend I've been in New York or environs, but Boston is MUCH more convenient.   However, I just couldn't pass up the the opportunity to see the Caravan Stage Company, who do a play/performance on a boat.  Here's a link to an article about that:

Oh, yesd, I've signed up for ello as n6tqs.  I'll not be abandoning anything else, though.
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Tired from the weekend off, now to relax and work

Two days of Ig Nobel ceremony work in Boston, then a party in NYC, both of which ran late into the evening, have got me craving my currently normal early to bed, early to rise pattern.  95% humidity here in Newport also has me beat.
The party was at the house of the fellow who owns and runs this web site, http://atlantic-cable.com/ , and he has an incredible amount of cable system memorablia, so it was a little like staying in a museum of stuff in which I am very interested.  Very cool.  I also got to see a few old friends, and make some arrangments for future activities.
Geri was a star and rose early (for her) and took me to the New Rochelle Amtrak station so I could take the train to Providece and from there a bus to Newport and arrive mid-afternoon.  A run for provisions and then sorting some more stuff in my digs took some time- we'd removed all the OHP and personal gear from MYSTIC in a progression, and stored it, so sorting it all out is taking some effort.
I'm heading for NYC again next weekend, for this: http://caravanstage.org/portfolio/hacked-treasure-of-the-empire/
And I may go to the UK a couple of weeks later for the Arthur Ransome Society trustees meeting.  Newark to Glasgow seems the best flight to end up in the Lake District.
I'm looking forward to this week's work, which should include the stepping of the main and mizzen masts.  I don't think I have an active role in that activity, but I can't ignore it, and may be able to help the rigging crew.

It's almost sundown, and I still don't have any lamps in my room, so I'll do the outdoor workers thing and go to bed and then rise with the sun.
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Geri's personal favorite of this year's Ig Nobel Prize Winners, and my comment on it

I'm one of the "better" people- I get up early, and go to bed early.

Originally posted by gerisullivan at My personal favorite of this year's Ig Nobel Prize Winners
The Guardian does a fine job of reporting on the Ig Nobel Prize that has me pumping my fist while exclaiming yes each and every time I see reference to it. I've had favorites before, but never has there been a prize that I claim as mine.

"And what prize might that be, Geri?"

The PSYCHOLOGY PRIZE [AUSTRALIA, UK, USA]: Peter K. Jonason, Amy Jones, and Minna Lyons, for amassing evidence that people who habitually stay up late are, on average, more self-admiring, more manipulative, and more psychopathic than people who habitually arise early in the morning.

REFERENCE: Creatures of the Night: Chronotypes and the Dark Triad Traits, Peter K. Jonason, Amy Jones, and Minna Lyons, Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 55, no. 5, 2013, pp. 538-541.

Heck, even the comments made so far on the Guardian site are good, especially this series at the beginning:

wiganwill 19 September 2014 12:40am

First time I have ever been around at the right time to make the opening comment and it turns out this suggests I am a psychopath. Great.

richardmuu wiganwill 19 September 2014 1:20am

Go to bed. Now.

chutzzpah wiganwill 19 September 2014 1:32am

It's not late.

Proper Psychopaths stay up till at least 3am.
Maybe you're just a Narcissist with Insomnia ;)


Okay. Gotta work now. And collapse. Excellent times in Sanders Theatre have me rather on the wiped side.

All of this year's winners are online at Improbable Research, and in worldwide media coverage.
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I'm building a ship

With the help of a lot of other people.
I started in the rigging crew for OLIVER HAZARD PERRY, was recruited to be engineer on the schooner MYSTIC which we'd chartered to do summer programs since the OHP herself isn't complete.  Now, the summer programs are over, MYSTIC has been returned to the owner, and I'm on the construction crerw (as opposed to the rigging crew) as an engineer.  I'm living in Oliver Hazard Perry's house in Newport, which is also the headquarters of the OHPRI organization (www.ohpri.org).
Today I'm in Boston to work on the Ig Nobel award ceremony as posted a bit earlier.
Next weekend is a trip to NYC for a theatre performance which should be interesting, since it involves a ship and some circus elements.
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Today, in the Boston Globe...

Originally posted by gerisullivan at Today, in the Boston Globe...
In the Food section, Peggy Hernandez writes about The Ig Nobel Cookbook.

Now available from the Harvard Book Store and Amazon. Also available from Amazon in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. A radio interview with Marc Abrahams and Corky White is scheduled to run on Public Radio International's The World today. The interview with PRI's Clark Boyd is at the same cafe where Corky first came up with the idea to do an Ig Nobel cookbook.

Yes, it's Ig week. The cookbook celebrates this year's theme: Food. I had a blast doing the layout and learning just what a remarkable future we live in vis a vis POD publishing.

n6tqs is my assistant helping run the slides for the show. That's something of a last-minute thing that's working out very well. Likewise, James Donald stepped into the job of slide show producer just a couple of weeks ago and has quickly put together by far the best set of slides we've ever had. Win.

As usual, there's a Live Webcast starting at 5:40 pm US Eastern Time) on Thursday, September 18th for all who, for whatever reason, can't join us in Sanders Theatre. The ceremony starts at 6 and typically runs about 1.5 hours. Miss Sweetie Poo helps us keep on schedule.

There's also the NSA Courtesy Feed (a second, parallel video feed run as a courtesy to the world's security agencies) James Harkin (QI's head elf) and Polina Harkin will be live-tweeting from the stage at @ImprobResearch. Audience members will be live tweeting with hashtag #IgNobel.

So. Much. Fun.
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Lomg silence, now broken

I've not been posting here on LJ, since I am mostly doing Facebook directly.
But new news- I'm going to be the engineer on the the schooner MYSTIC, doing the OHP programs until OLIVER HAZARD PERRY is ready, so will be sailing around New England, in and out of Newport for several months.
I'd come here to work on the rigging crew, but when MYSTIC was hired, many of the systems were not working well, and since the Chief Mate is and old shipmate, he suggested that I come see what I could do.  I was quite successful at that, so when the setup for hiring an engineer  for the boat fell through, I was offered the job I wanted but didn't feel fully qualified for.   They knew my short-comings (I have no experience with Diesel engines), but felt, as do I, that I can pick up that part, and know everything else pretty well.  The crew likes me (I'm one of them, a tall-ship sailor), the CM and cook are old shipmates, and the captain thinks I'm a wizard.
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Looking forward now, but not forgetting

I'll be spending a week on EAGLE with at least one of my BOUNTY shipmates, leaving New London (fraught), and arriving in Savannah for the BOUNTY beach house party.
I'll also take a quick trip into SC to see my farm property.
And we'll probably toss some messages in bottles at our CPA to the last know location of her.